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Stop hibernating abs


When the beat drops

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Solitude - all together

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I will never stop loving these sunsets, calm waters, and paddling.
So thankful for @relytfagan for getting on a kayak to take so many awesome pictures for me ☺️

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Start your morning with this: sun salutations. (via Heart-Pumping Yoga - Women’s Health) B - Inhale C - Exhale D - Inhale E-F - Exhale G - Inhale H - Exhale (hold 5 breaths) I - Inhale J - Exhale then Inhale all the way up, start again.

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The best stretch #kingpigeonpose one leg #yoga #exercise (at Goldengate Park)

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Yoga on the deck

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Looking for a quick and dumbbell free arm workout? Here’s my Arms on Fire Pilates routine that will surely give you sleek and svelte arms! Go ahead and print and take with you to the gym! For larger image and video demo go here: 

And thanks to Kimberly of Arthlete for cartoonifying me!

<3 Cassey

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